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Female PreTech Training Program

The National Female Pre-Tech Training Program is in partnership with Ghana Tech Lab and Soronko Academy. The program aims to help bridge the knowledge gap by giving females basic technology skills in mobile and web app development, which will prepare them for more advanced skills and careers in tech.

iValley is building a long-lasting interest in tech related programs for young females in the Savannah Region. Through the Female Pre-Tech Training Program, more females within the Savannah Region have been equipped with employable digital skills and given the opportunity to start their own business.


MSME Covid-19 Recovery and Resiliency Program

The MSMEs COVID – 19 Recovery and Resiliency Program is a two-year initiative aimed at supporting and building the resilience of micro, small and medium-sized businesses (MSMEs) in Ghana. The program is focused on MSMEs in peri-urban areas with a specific focus on businesses owned by youth and women.

iValley, in partnership with MDF West Africa, have supported 75 MSMEs (85% women owned) in the Savannah Region with training and digitalization of their business operations through this program. iValley has helped businesses (MSMEs) increase their operational capacity, restore MSMEs to operating at or above pre-COVID levels, support MSMEs to sustainably diversify business lines or enter new markets and built the capacity of these MSMEs to become more resilient to current and future shocks.


STEM 4 Kids

Our STEM 4 Kids program is for children between the ages of 5 to 15 years. The program is designed for children to acquire knowledge in the four STEM areas and become capable of innovating new ideas, creativity, logical thinking, analysis power, critical thinking and teamwork. The program exposes children to new possibilities outside the classroom and prepare them towards a global workplace demands.



The Start-up Business Advisory Support (StartupBAS), is an initiative that aims at creating a decentralized infrastructure and system for business support, coaching to provide business knowledge and strategies for startups and SMEs for the purposes of scaling their businesses.
The initiative is positioned as an on-demand support center for various areas of business development for startup needs.

Under this initiative, we have consulted for over 20 startups and MSMEs and have organized 2 workshops for MSMEs and small business owners in Damongo, with a total of 100 participants in both workshops combined.